The Board of Directors of CADC has chosen board member Dave Geddes for the office of president for the 2018-2020 Term.

The president is traditionally chosen from the elected CADC Board of Directors as a leader/facilitator to carry a CADC agenda forward in areas that have concern to the CADC and our industry. Currently, CADC is striving for One Country / One Standard (CSA 275.2) across the country and the implementation of an initial Safety Self-Audit program based on the CSA Dive Operations Standard Z275.2 and competency 275.4 .

It was felt that Geddes brings a wealth of knowledge to CADC in his position as a diving and hyperbaric consultant. He has been a board member for several years. In his “real life”, as a consultant to the industry, he offers services such as Diving Assurance Audits / Workplace Health and Safety Audits / Dive Site Audits (CSA, IMCA) / SMS Audits and Development/ Compliance Management / and DCBC Dive Supervisors Training. He is also the Chair of the CSA Z275.4 Diving Competency Standard and also a member of the Z275.2 Operations Standard. Bottom line: He is all about safety and safety compliance.

The board felt that this skill set made Dave a good candidate for president. For our CADC mission of the One Country / One Standard push, he is definitely qualified to move this ball a long way down the field.

On Dave’s presentation to the Board, he stated:

 ……. My experience and background in the development and maintenance of the CSA Standards will stand me well in the pursuit of having One Standard, One Regulation for the diving community across Canada.

 I feel the time is here where we need a unified regulation to provide a safe working environment, across the provinces and territories and to ensure a level playing field for our members and those that may join CADC in the future.

I would also like to continue to promote and develop the CADC’s implementation of self audits, and explore the movement to 3rd party audits of the membership based on membership input.

 I feel my background in performing audits to the CSA Standards as well of those to the IMCA Guidelines, ExxonMobil Global Standard, and IOPG Recommended Practices will assist in this endeavor. ……..

To this end, the Board chose Geddes to help propel this program forward.

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