What is the Canadian Association of Diving Contractors?

The Canadian Association of Diving Contractors is an association of professional underwater service contractors, educators, consultants and associated industries that provide services to these companies.
CADC is the glue that binds the diving community across Canada,”Safety is one of the most important issues in an industry that can be both dangerous and physically demanding. The CADC acts as a unifying body, able to communicate effectively across Canada and beyond. The CADC acts a watchdog for the industry and keeps a constant eye on regulations. Because of their diligence in monitoring standards and regulations for commercial diving across Canada, the industry has become a much safer place.


What is the mission statement for the CADC?

” The Canadian Association of Diving Contractors ( CADC ) will represent its members common interests with regards to safety and environmental standards, client satisfaction,and government intervention within our industry. The CADC will actively promote the use of its members and will supply its members with information and tools to ensure their competence, improve their performance and safety.”

What are the benifits to CADC membership?

• Constant communications on jobs coming up that you may be interested in bidding. This is done weekly or biweekly as we send out tender information across Canada;
• Information website (www. and the CADC sponsored website (www.;
• The JOBS website (www. where you can post jobs and look for qualified people;
• The members mail-list server that allows you to instantly contact ALL the members when you need advice, gear, personnel, etc.;
• Diving insurances exclusively for CADC members—backed by Lloyds and brokers who know the diving industry;
• Reduced rates on gear from our associate members;
• CADC magazine with articles on member companies, jobs, safety, etc. to keep you informed.

Who can join CADC?

Not everyone can join CADC. Those members who apply have to agree AND demonstrate that they operate in a safe working environment and pledge to maintain. One cannot join by simply filling in the form—you have to have a demonstrated level of safety and competence in operations.
As a member, you are adding to the voice that is CADC, effectively allowing the industry to be heard, especially when it comes to lowering insurance rates.
CADC was formed in 1982 because regulators and government legislators did not and do not want to talk to individuals—they want to talk to organized groups representing the industry. The safety standards that govern your operations today are a result of past CADC members doing their job in “getting it right” so that we have a safe and workable industry today.


We are a non-Canadian company – can we join CADC?

Yes, certainly!!!  The greatest benefit to joining CADC is that it gives you the inside track on what is happening in Canada. AND .. since Canada is a “foreign” place to you, it gives you direct access to CADC member companies that are based in Canada and is a great opportunity to consider joint ventures with those companies. CADC companies have pledged (requirement of membership) to follow fundamental safety, performance and professionalism in the Canadian Industry. The member companies you are dealing with already have showed a level of professionalism by the very fact that they are members. Canada has a myriad of regulations and standards that must be adhered to if you plan (or are planning) to operate in Canada. Joining the CADC allows you to deal on a member-to-member basis and has the potential of cutting down on a lot of red-tape. Joining is a smart business move.

Can an individual join the CADC?

Yes – there is a non-voting category called “Individual Professional”.  If you are a consultant to the industry or a dive supervisor, this is the category you would want to belong to. In this category  , you get the most benefits that a regular member gets.  This is a good way to keep directly in touch with the industry and have access to other contractors and professionals. If you are involved, this is the category to belong to.

Is there an auditing system for members?

This is currently under review. We are currently developing a self audit form to be used by members that will be in compliance to CSA Competency Standards CSA Z275.4 and CSA Operational standards Z275.2
Implementation will be in January 2017 for all members.

OK … we want to join! Where do we start?

Follow this link and we will send you a membership form. Simple as that!!