Canadian Chamber Listings

Hyperbaric Chamber Listings (2004)
The DND Director of Diving Safety (Canada) has provided us with a list of hyperbaric chambers that are available for treatment. The list is current as of 2004 and is by no means complete. However, it is a start and may be updated in future postings.

Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific)
FMO Victoria, BC

(250) 363-2379(250) 363-2379/4979 24 hours OR 363-4976 (days only)
eight place, air, O2, HeO2, MD, TUP.
Several chambers, including portable, airport access,
floatplane alongside, heliport on site

Fraser Burrard Diving Ltd
Unit 110 12220 Vickers Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-3323(604) 278-3323
two place, air, O2,
airport access

CAN-PAC Divers
983 West 3rd Street
North Vancouver, BC
(604) 984-8383(604) 984-8383
four place, air, 02,
airport access

Vancouver General Hospital
870 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 875-4111(604) 875-4111 (24 hours)or (604) 325-8111(604) 325-8111
(604) 875-4033(604) 875-4033 Direct Line to Hyperbaric Chamber
Multi-place, air, O2, HeO2, Nitrox
airport access, heliport on site


CFSSAT Updated Mar 2014)
17 Wing, CFB Winnipeg,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204)931-6615(204)931-6615 Pager for Duty Diving Medical Officer
OR (204) 833-2700(204) 833-2700 Wing Operations
four place, air, O2, HeO2, MD,
Airport Access


Health Sciences Centre
300 Prince Philips Dr
St. John’s, NFLD
(709) 777-6300(709) 777-6300 (24 hour switchboard)
multi-place chambers, air, O2, HeO2, Nitrox
airport access


Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic)
12 Wing Shearwater, NS
(902) 460-1339(902) 460-1339 (days) 460-1353 (nights, weekends, holidays)
ten place, air, O2, HeO2, MD, TUP.
Several chambers, including portable,
airport access

Dominion Diving Ltd
7 Canal St
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 434-5120(902) 434-5120
two place, air, O2,
airport access

Hyperbaric Medical Unit
Victoria General Hospital
1278 Tower Road
Halifax, NS
(902) 473-2220(902) 473-2220 or 473-7998
five place, air, O2, Nitrox,
airport access

Connors Diving Services Ltd
Lakeside Industrial Park
Halifax Co, NS
(902) 876-7078(902) 876-7078
four place chamber, air, O2, HeO2,
airport access

Defence Research Department Toronto (DRDC Toronto)
1133 Sheppard Ave W
Downsview, ON
(416) 246-3155(416) 246-3155 Pager # for the Duty Diving Medical Officer (DMO)
ten place, air, O2, HeO2, MD, several chambers, including portable,
airport on site

Toronto Hospital, Hyperbaric Dept
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 340-3155(416) 340-3155 Ask for Hyperbaric Physician on call
eight place, air, O2, HeO2, MD,
airport access, heliport on site

Tobermory Medical Clinic
Tobermory, ON
(519) 596-2306(519) 596-2306 Daytime 9 AM to 5 PM (direct line to chamber)
(519) 596-2305 24 hour answering service
four place, air, O2, HeO2, MD,
floatplane alongside, airport access

Ottawa General Hospital
501 Smyth Rd
Ottawa, ON
(613) 737-8966 24 hr telephone number
(613) 737-8965(613) 737-8965 Fax
Perry 2 place, with BIBS Oxygen

Hospital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal
5400 Blvd Gouin Quest
Montreal, PQ
(514) 338-2000(514) 338-2000
(514) 338-2777(514) 338-2777
six place, air, O2, Nitrox 50/50, MD.
Airport access, heliport on site

Centre de médecine de plongée du Québec
143, rue Wolfe,
Lévis G6V 3Z1
(418) 835-7121(418) 835-7121, poste 1505
1-888-835-7121 24/24