UPDATED: Guideline for Diving Operations at dams and other work sites where Delta P hazards may exist.

CADC ADMIN NOTE:  Guideline updated Oct 17, 2011

Occupational Health and Safety statistics reveal that a very high proportion of occupational diving fatalities occur because of divers encounters with differential pressures at dams and other work sites.  Furthermore the investigations of these tragic incidents indicate that the majority of these encounters were preventable.

This guideline is primarily intended to assist owners, employers, diving supervisors and divers with a basic understanding of the forces associated with Delta P, methods in detecting Delta P hazards, lock out procedures, selection of appropriate diving equipment and procedures to prevent diver exposure to Delta P forces.

In addition, this guideline will also offer some guidance with respect to some limited rescue options, for a diver, from a delta P entrapment.

Download the complete guideline HERE.